Thursday, October 8, 2009

I've been cooking all day...

.... don't worry! It is all from "light" recipes!
I know that there are great things I can cook that are healthy
that help me keep on track!
But I get lazy.

I am finding that in my goal to loose weight,
there are similarities in my goal to grow
in my relationship with Jesus Christ.
In both:
I have the desire.
I have the knowledge.
I have the skills.
I get lazy.
I don't require enough of myself.
I think KNOWING is close enough
to doing!
ha! How ridiculous is that?
But it is what I often do.
But I am hoping to change this about myself.
Start requiring more of myself.
Making choices based on what I know
rather than on what I feel.
And, as I already know it is not as hard as it seems once I get started.
(I get EASILY overwhelmed and distracted!)
Today I made sauteed red potatoes with onions, garlic, green beans and spices! Yum!
Then I made my favorite dressing from Subway!
Found a recipe online for Sweet Onion Sauce!
Hope it is good!
I will try it on a salad for supper!

Then there is this mess:

It is a chocolate layer cake gone wrong.
The cake from scratch!!!
Very good!
The icing from scratch.
Not good.
Caused the landslide.
Not that tasty to begin with.
Scrapped it off and will eat just the delicious moist cake!
Next time.
New recipe for chocolate icing.
Anyone got a good one?

Now to spend time with my Friend,
and Savior.

Ahhh.... peace.

1 comment:

Kaye Butler said...

Hey girlie!!! This post is so true. We all get lazy because lazy is easy.

Don't ya hate it when cakes are deceiving like that?

Where the potatoes good? They sound wonderful!!!!