Thursday, September 3, 2009

uh oh.... purple house.

Daniel put some of the blue paint on the house tonight... while I was at work, just to see.... without primer.........on a dark red house..... yep.
It's purple.
Sorry it is dark out so I haven't even seen it. OR I would have taken a pic for the blog world.
Now he is diggin in the garage to find some crusty primer so he can test the idea of using primer.... he was not planning on using primer.
I will update yall tomorrow.
See! We knew this would be fun!


Janet said...

I think your town needs a purple house! :)

Anne said...

Uh-oh... good luck with the primer...

Can't wait to see the Barney Playhouse. :-)

Heth said...

Funny! I hope the primer works.

Suzie said...

If anything - have the primer tinted with the blue you want for the house.

Always...always...ALWAYS use primer when changing from 1 dark dominant color (like red) to another dark color like blue!!! It's cheaper in the long run :)

Melissa Flaming said...

Can't wait to see pics! I've so been there, sista. I've painted many an office and many a house in dark colors. It's painful to learn the hard way, huh?
I'd agree with Suzie...invest in the primer.