Wednesday, September 2, 2009

not enough playin'

I am the only one excited.
We are gonna paint the house this weekend!!!
Daniel would..... rather be fishin'.
Russ would rather be.... sitting
.... in front of the TV.
And Jedd is in tears cause we picked a gray/ blue (It is Valspar's color called Pacific Coast, sorry I can't seem to link to the color... you'll just have to trust that I will be taking a few hundred pics this weekend) rather than a gecko green. He was in TEARS in LOWE'S vowing not to help us ONE BIT with painting. I was laughing on the inside 'cause it was kinda cute that he cared so much!
Of course, it will be fun!
We are the Paulsens!!!!
At least, that is what I keep telling myself.


Lindsay said...

of course it will be fun ... LOVE that about you!! :)

You're the definition of FUN!!

Anne said...

It will be totally worth it in the end... but, hmmmmm...not so much thinking "LABOR" day was supposed to be spent laboring.

Stacey said...

I'm with the boys on this one!! I'd rather be...camping!!!!

Lois Lane II said...

Good luck!! ;) Misti and I painted my house during two days one summer...we did a fairly good job, except for the fact that I have super high ceilings in the living room...and you can DEFINITELY tell it was not done by a professional, lol!!

janette said...

I'm super excited for you to use your brand new big sprayer!!! (not to mention that i get to borrow it later ;)
Have a great weekend...just think how pretty it will be when its all done. said...

I am just dying laughing -- Jedd must really be passionate about the color of the house to be so upset. We'll be driving by to see it sometime :)