Friday, August 28, 2009

Today I.....

~ decided not to fight with an certain 9 yr old over his need to take a shower, sure it's "picture day", but he LOOKS clean!
~ ate an entire pack of chocolate Twizzlers. Yes, I found a store nearby that carries them but I am not telling where! *smile* OR telling you how many packs I bought.
~realized I desperately need to get back to running. *smile* I have not run all summer!
~wonder if the summer we never really had is already gone. Sunday, our high is 68 degrees!!!
~wonder if I am starting to bore my blog readers.


Lindsay said...

I wonder ... if you know how much you're loved ...

I'm still here ... and you're NOT boring :) Couldn't be if you tried!

**I've been looking for Chocolate Twizlers ... can't find them ... I just want to try one :)

janette said...

I'm not bored...babies, water fights, bugs in daniel's mouth...need i say more?? Okay I will...babies, babies, babies...

love you!!

TCKK said...

Hey, if he looks clean and smells ok and he's happy, sometimes that's all that matters.

Didn't know there was such a thing as chocolate Twizzlers. Guess I'll be on the hunt now!!!

Run?!? Never for me. I just need to start walking again. lol

Summer - it certainly has been a strange one weather wise. But I love it. It could stay around 60-80 for me all the time and I think maybe I'd be happy.

Boring? - Again, never for me. I love to look at your pictures and read what you have to say. I think we all worry about being boring. Just keep being yourself and we'll enjoy it.