Saturday, August 8, 2009

to hear God laugh

What an amazing privilege it is to bring our prayers to the God of all the universe, the Almighty, the Creator, the Sovereign God. When I am crying out to Him in my time of need... I must admit I don't always come with a heart of gratitude... sometime I come to Him as if He is a magic lamp I wanna rub to see if my wish will come true.
The other day after Jedd finished looking a a toy catalog, he plopped down in a chair beside me with his head low and asked,"Why don't you ever get us anything?" I laughed out loud!
But whew, isn't that the attitude of my heart sometimes before the God of the universe?! I hope He laughs with love at my immaturity and gently reminds me all that He HAS given me.
I can't wait to stand before Him someday and hope to hear him laugh! Well, I take that back, maybe I wanna hear Him laugh at Sarah first!


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