Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 4

Okay, so I am a day, no two days behind ....lets go!
Day 4:
Sparklers and smores night!

Put my sigma 50mm 1.4on Cash tonight!
It was getting so dark outside
and yet he made it look like daylight still!
very cool.
But I am still learning that I must watch the shallow depth of field with my
Sigma lens.... I can't leave it on AUTO all the time or I get this cute but half way out of focus pic! Oh well!
(If you click on it you will see that H2 is totally in focus and the other two way out of focus.)

By the way, Daniel built a fort with a rope swing.
Over the shed.
Why? He did not want to sacrifice yard space!
(We have a big yard already...
maybe he just didn't want
another thing to mow around?)
Lightning bugs!~

Morning glory sparklers are awesome!~

And they are slightly dangerous. They drop pieces of stuff as they burn.
One kid had some land between her toes.
Not good.

My boys love fire.


Lindsay said...

totally impressed with the no flash :) you have had the BEST time huh with these girls?! :)

Heth said...

The fort is awesome. Good work Daniel! Looks like the lens is working great.