Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 3 with the girls!

Day three was a bit more "low key"!
We are all sleeping in a bit later each day!
There was a magic show at the library so a few of the kids went with me! After the show we went to the library garden:

I was there to get a picture of the "Queen of the Prairie".
It was planted this spring in memory of my grandma who passed away in August of 2008.
It is perfect!
It so reminds me of her!
She was a queen who truly lived in the Grand Prairie of Arkansas!
How fitting!
And she loved pink!
The buds look like tiny pearls.
I think they later open and are fuzzy!
Can't wait!

Of course, once you are out there you are drawn all around the garden by one bloom after another.

Don't I have a great job!??
at a great place?!


TCKK said...

Beautiful blossoms!!!

Sherry said...

Beautiful flowers! I find myself taking a lot of pictures of flowers.

Kaye Butler said...

I love the purple clematis!!!