Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gotta love that....

... all four of us love..... camping!
And we're Paulsens so there was lots of playin!
I bet you wondered where I had gone!
Don't worry!
I am back!

Osborne Nature Center!

See the eagle?

YEAH! A waterfall! I was excited as I wanted to see the difference in shutter speeds!
Slow shutter=

Fast shutter=

Definitely need fast shutter more often=

Jedd measuring whose trout was bigger!

Proud boys!

This one jumped out of his hands just as I snapped the pic!

Can you see how he loves nature?

Got the football stuck WAY WAY WAY
up in this tree!

But, of course, that was a challenge met with glee!
After chucking a water bottle a bunch of times..... it was back to the game!

Then dinner by Dan!

I let Jedd take a bunch of pics!
He took the ones above of the food!
This one of me.
I am so glad you cannot smell me in this picture.

LOVE my sigma 50mm lens!

We walked/hiked lots of trails!

I found plenty of things to photograph!
I only took 483 photos this time.

My favorite view is always the same though!
Watching two boys and their daddy ahead of me on the trail!

Climbing in "the backbone"! WAY FUN!

You knew if there were rocks there was jumpin', right?!?!

And big smiles!

And lots of climbing.
I highly recommend Backbone State Park
as a means of completely wearing out
high energy children.

Hey! Blogger loaded my favorite view twice!

What a beautiful weekend,
in so many ways!


TCKK said...

Awesome!!! Cash takes such great pics.

Heth said...

Oh Beth, those were wonderful pics! Looks like you guys had a great time.

Lindsay said...

You and Cash are a match made in Heaven!! :)

Beautiful photos capturing life at its finest Beth!!

Happy Thursday!!

Stacey said...

We saw an eagle too! Only ours was flying over our heads while we were on the river!! I want to visit backbone you make it look so fun! I love your lens too! Great to see a pic of smiling Beth too!

jenni said...

We definitely need to go camping there this year!