Saturday, May 30, 2009

Arkansas Part 3 ... I love the mud....

and so does niece....
BUT she is also
the most girly mud-lovin girl you will ever see.
Ruffles, or pink, or polka dot dresses with tennis shoes.
That's our girl.
Most days this is how she looked!
Muddy and wet. Probably barefoot.
And the smile on her face says it all!
This is her in the muddy basket on the back of the four wheeler.
She also hopped into the driver's seat of the Ranger.
She wanted sooo bad to drive.
I did let her steer while I drove some.
Having two brothers... she's not a bit afraid of Jedd.
Grabbing a turtle covered in algae is no big deal to her.
Tough girl.
Cute girl.
Girly girl.

Pink and brown.

They look good on her.


Heth said...

She's adorable.

Lindsay said...

I love pink and brown together :) and those freckles :)

So, so fun!