Sunday, May 10, 2009

You don't wanna know....

.... what this sweet boy brought home from school in a Dixie cup.

See, it looks harmless.

Till you find out what it is.... and look really close.

Owl "Scat"?!?!?, it is dissected owl scat.
They took it apart to see what was IN it!

You are now looking at the skull of a shrew.
Russ tells me proudly, " I found FOUR skulls!!!!!" This is one of them.
Happy Mother's Day to me!


Kaye Butler said...

That has to rank right up there with the bestest present ever!!!!

After a long explanation to MM and she finally gets it...she was so grossed out and happy to have sisters.

Ronda said...

Boys...I LOVE 'em! Happy Mother's Day to you, dear Beth Lynn!

Suzie said...

My oldest daughter got to pull apart owl pellets in 1st grade, and that's what got her interested in all kinds of animals. Now she's a freshman in high school and is still doing 4-H. You never know what will come from owl scat (lol). Have a great Mother's Day!

Dianne said...

Ranks right up there with somthing my oldest brought in one day in a 20 oz. coke bottle. He was around 6 at the time, I think. It was a baby cottonmouth! And where there are babies, there are mommas.

David said...

Technically, owl pellets are not scat. Owl pellets are regurgitated non-digestables. It's kind of like coughing up a hairball. lol Scat is the stuff that comes out the other end!

Four skulls is awesome! What fun!

TCKK said...


Stacey said...

Sounds like the perfect day!! So glad you enjoyed the chops!! So neat how much you love being a mom!!

And owl scat?? What a cool thing to learn in school!! I wonder if the girls in class agree with me?? Probably not.