Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just silly me....

Okay, so I just want to play with my camera.
I needed a co-operative subject! And I need hair advice so here we go!
First.... don't worry.
I have an appointment scheduled with Dawn for a cut AND color!
NEXT week!
I always wait way to long before getting back in to see her!
Here is proof!
I did not realize until the moment I took these pictures how badly I really neeeeeeeeeed a color!
It was so bad I had to pull it back! Whew!
Are we all happy now?

Okay, now we play. I found that the pics were way over exposed. So I changed all kinds of settings and wound up with a lot of photos that were underexposed, too dark! (Kinda sound like goldilocks! and maybe look like her too) So I pushed that wonderful combination of buttons that resets everything!
Whew! So thankful!
And we start over.
There were tons of lame pics, but I give you a few of them that turned out!

I quickly got tired of looking at my forced smile and started trying other expressions. I do watch America's Top Model! HA!
I found out I am not cut out for modeling!
This is me trying to do the "Jedd, moma is not happy with you look"... it's almost Mother's day!
Back to the hair.... how short do I go?
Keep the length and get some layers put back in?
Keep the "bob" of sorts and shorten it?
how short?
go short WITH layers?
Tell me what yall think and I then will post some possible "hair-dos" based on what yall think! Maybe I will even let yall decide!!!!
Now click on "comment"!
I need to know!!!


TCKK said...

Sorry, but I can't even decide what to do with my own!!!

Kaye Butler said...

I am an 80's-aholic.

I am okay the first week or two after a hair cut and then I catch myself slipping back to the teasing and poofing.

Friday I got a cut and had my eyebrows ripped off.

I went really short.


Go short!

Lindsay said...

I ♥ these photos of you so very much!! They are GREAT!

And I ♥ short! :)

Dianne said...

You are still an Arkie. You know the humidity. SHORT! I have to visit with Miss Clairol monthly, so I really like color. Do you like it lighter for the summer? My hair is dark, when it's not gray, and I think the dark hair is beautiful. But the lighter looks good on you, too. Have you ever tried bangs? I like bangs because my face does not look as round.

Word verification: carchba--the process of asking everyone you know what you should do with your hair.

Suzann said...

I really liked the last cut you had - I think you posted pics of it!

I got my hair colored last week, and it had been since January for me. Way too long! (Especially for those annoying grays!)

Ronda said...

Go short! It is just hair and it will grow!

Stacey said...

You loved your short last time and said you were never going back!!

jenny hagarty said...

blonde, short, permed, hot.


just kidding.

I like your hair layered and shoulder-length with highlights (:

Kim said...

Short bob! Post pics please...since I only see you in the car!!!!!!!!!! ;)