Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's old... that's all I know...

It is a song from the 70's, I guess. I learned it for a musical in High School at Melody Mountain Camp, in Meacham, Oregon. It's still a lesson for today.

Little Flowers
by Danny Lee Stutzman '74

Little Flowers never worry, when the wind begins to blow,
And they never, never cry, when the rain begins to fall.
Oh, it's wet and oh so cold, Soon the sun will shine again,
Then they'll smile unto the world, For their beauty to behold.

When the clouds begin to gather, And the storm begins to blow,
Little Flowers don't complain, though they're tossing to and fro.
Oh, I guess they've learned the secret, They don't fret because they know,
If it never, never rained, Then they'd never, never grow.

CHORUS: So, let it rain, let it rain, let it pour, Little trouble just keep knocking at my door,
If we'll learn the right from wrong, It will help to make us strong.

Lord, please help us learn the secret, Even little flowers know,
If it never, never rains, then we'll never, never grow.

We know it's true. We hate to wish for hard times. I don't wish hard experiences for my children, but I do want them to grow strong. BUT I also don't want to make life so easy for my boys that they are unprepared for adulthood. Unprepared for how trying life can be. They need to go through hard times to see how strong they actually ARE able to be in Christ. They need to be told "no", they need to know the world doesn't revolve around them, they need to know there are SERIOUS consequences to the choices they make. They need to know that life demands a lot from them to be successful and to develop character. God can help them be true men, successful and strong and wise. Maturity, courage, endurance, wisdom, discipline..... how did I learn those things? Not through the easy times! Wow, it was the horrible, horrible things in life that taught me, strengthened me, made me more like my Savior. He taught me to trust HIM no matter how ugly things may get. The rain.
That is what I want for my boys.
I want them to be little flowers,
that don't worry when tough times come,
because they will know that God is in control
and HE is just helping them grow.


Kaye Butler said...

Great post.

TCKK said...


Heth said...

So true. Wow, flowers really do make a good analogy! :)We think alike.

Lois Lane II said...

Beth, you are so right. I don't even have kids yet, but I know it's gonna be very hard to watch them hurt -- but I remember when I was young and I hurt from mistakes or even from circumstances that had nothing to do with me. But I learned, and I GREW. And as much as it hurt, I am thankful for everything I went through because it made me who I am today and the perfect match for my wonderful and loving husband.

Stacey said...

Hard lessons to learn, but what great words of wisdom!!

David said...

You've been tagged!