Sunday, May 3, 2009

I love that boy......

And, I love Cash.

This type of photo is something a point and shoot just can't do.

It is called depth of field.

And it makes me giddy. Ahhhh!

I feel I must also say that I am so blessed to have Cash. It is only by a special blessing from the Lord that we were able to afford this precious little tank of a camera. I am having soooo much fun! I took even more fun pics tonight! Not even sure WHEN I can get some of them posted. With two funny and cute little boys and one goofy husband there is just soooo much to capture on film... or well, I guess it is not film... um.....whatever.
Do yall still remember film?
Winding the film?
Accidentally exposing the film?
Processing the film only to see what bad pictures they were?

Ask a tween today if they ever used a film camera or even know what one is! I bet you $10 they haven't!


Anne said...

I can't wait to have a 'Cash' of my own. I appreciate the 'joy' you have found in your new toy.

Stacey said...

The library even used to loan polaroids out!! Imagine that!!

TCKK said...

I love this photo!!

ShalomSeeker said...

Do you remember disc cameras? I had one for a brief moment. I took the worst picture with that thing... :-)
I don't miss film, but I do miss my camera (NOT the disc one!).