Monday, May 4, 2009

I know Him!

Yesterday we had communion at our church. It was a time to remember his beaten body, his suffering, his blood that spilled. The weight of my sin on Him. Paid by his blood.
What joy!
Really, it was a time filled with a spirit of joy. HIS BLOOD made it possible for ME to know the Creator of all things in a personal relationship with Him. Look at that flower, amazing, and to think I know HIM! The Creator of the amazing world we live in.
And better yet.
He loves me.
What a gift!
What a joy!


Lindsay said...

Joy ... that's right!! You nailed it! :)

Beautiful (breathtaking) photo btw!

Dianne said...

I KNOW HIM TOO! Isn't that just awesome?!

TCKK said...

Amen! You know and He knows us to and even by name!! I love that He knows my name!

David said...

Great words! Great photo!

Vicky Aissen said...

What an awesome photo Beth--You need to go into making greeting cards! Beautiful!!!