Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens

Okay, so there are more Easter pics to share, but again I am skipping to today! Jedd is sick, so we are home and I am trying to get lots done! BUT! I have been borrowing a lens from a friend at church and have had very little time to play with it! So, I took a break from less fun stuff to take a few pics! It is a fun lens! It is a great portrait lens, great for close-ups, etc. I just love how sharp it is!

Take a look:

Now these are supposed to be blurry everywhere but the focal point.

Today while on the treadmill today ...
(4miles in 70 minutes, that is fast for me)
...I watched a video on photography.
(This is a dish that a cousin gave me for Christmas when I was little, I don't even remember if it was Grey or Dean... I was a little smitten with them both as the were handsome and maybe ten yrs older than me. Please, no jokes about rednecks marrying cousins.... I was just a little girl who loved her cousins. I just remember thinking it was so so pretty. And I still love it.)
The host explained WHY most people are drawn to photos with the subject in focus and the rest blurry. He said it was just because it is more true to how we see things with our own eye.
It's true!
Focus on one item around you.
See! The surroundings are blurry.
Okay, so maybe you knew that already.
I am kinda slow.
Moving on.

I just loved how easy this lens was to focus
(easier than my 18-200mm lens) as well as how sharp.

Jedd is finally still enough for me to take some pictures of him!
Poor Jedd.

He is so smiley! He can't help it.

AND he IS feeling better!
This is so sharp you can see the yellow scum on his un-brushed teeth!
The shutter is also so fast that he could not stick his tongue out before the picture was taken. He tried over and over and Cash was faster every time.
This is as close as he got.
Tongue ALMOST out!
Ha ha!


Lindsay said...

LOVE these!! 50 mm is my favorite!! :) It's all I used for 9 months ... learning so much about my camera along the way :)

jenni said...

Anna is home sick too! Poor kids. Still haven't bought my 50mm yet... oh but I will. :) Can't wait!

Kaye Butler said...

Im afraid I may be in love with your camera. I want it.

You asked for advice on people. I know what I like and I take it. I'm posting some new pics I took this weekend over at the hobby blog.

Dianne said...

Even my untrained eye can see the difference with tt lens! You are going to have to get it...you know you want it...

TCKK said...

Good pictures. Jedd is so cute!

Lois Lane II said...

How adorable! Good "trick" to get Jedd to smile for the camera, lol!

Stacey said...

So glad he is feeling a bit better!! That lens is definitely a keeper!! New wish list!!