Wednesday, April 22, 2009

and s...l..i..d..e......

Okay! Back to Easter weekend!
At Grandma and Grandpas!
WITH the go kart!
It was dry and dusty in the driveway.

But that doesn't stop little boys!

They just hang on and S...L...I....D....E!

360s are the core of all joy to the male species!

I worked on getting photos with some blur!
Funny huh! Trying to get blur!

But without the blur they look almost like they are just stopped.
Except for the rock you can see flying!
So I worked on showing movement.

To me, I like a little blur. This one is probably not exactly what I wanted.
But you can SEE the fun when it is a little blurry!
The smiles kind of help you SEE the fun too!
Jedd put on swim goggles as the dust was so bad!
But soon they were so dirty he STILL couldn't see!

Don't think for a minute that the Paulsen men weren't doing 360s too!

You'll maybe have to click on this to see his face. I did not take time to edit these.

Blowing me a kiss amidst the dust!
You gotta click and look at this one closer.

For my blogging and photography friends I will add this:
I have started a system of sorts that I do to get pics ready for a post.
1.I view them all in Windows Gallery and pic the photos I know I want.
2. Open Photoshop Elements and open all the photos I picked.
3. First I save the picture in a photoshop (or you could use tiff) format. So that, as I edit and save versions there is no "lossy compression" to my jpgs. I shoot in FINE jpg not raw. If I did serious portrait work I would probably use RAW just to be safe. But I am not yet a serious portrait photographer! *smile*
4. Then I make edits ....or if in a hurry, like today, I just resize without edits and then save as jpg in a "blog" folder.
5. This sounds like a lot but after a while I have gotten really fast and it only takes a few seconds to do this with each photo.

The reason to first save as a photoshop format or tiff is only if you plan to make a lot of edits again later or to print it in 8x10 or larger later. Each time you open and close a jpg it actually loses a little bit of its data.

If you are using a digital SLR you probably HAVE to resize your photos and even if you don't most photos are so large in any digital camera now, if you resize them to a smaller size they load sooooo much faster in blogger! sooo much faster! But most of yall already know this!

Other tips:

Dont' delete your pics from your camera until they are saved in two places.

Don't give in to the temptation not to PRINT your photos every so often!!!

IF you wait to long you will have to spend a small fortune at once to print them ALL! Printing can count as one type of "saving". AT THE LEAST burn them to a disc or save online. Computers crash every day! Seemingly out of the blue! Photos get more precious with time, what seems like an everyday photo now will be priceless someday!

So I will go treadmill now!♥ I just spent way more time on this post than I planned! oops!♥


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

So fun!

Stacey said...

good suggestions!! Let us know how you got focus and blurry for movement. Did you pan??

Amie said...

Oh! That looks like so much fun! :) Super pictures!

M & M said...

Hi. I got your blog from my Aunt Kaye's Blog. I was wondering if you wanted to take my Bible Verse Challenge?

Leave me a comment if you do!

Kaye Butler said...

I thought we only knew how to have that kind of fun in Arkansas!

TCKK said...

Your boys look like they are having so much fun. Tell me, did mama take a ride too or just take pictures?

Lindsay said...

Love these!! SO,so fun & life with boys captured perfectly!! :)

** and yes, I'm so with you on "what will this face look like in 20 years"