Saturday, April 4, 2009

I am learning..... please be patient....

This week I am reading about macro photography... that would defined by me as~ taking really close up pictures. Without a macro lens (that would be one made just for VERY close up pics) I can only get so close... but I can crop! And that is the beauty of a 12 mega pixel camera! you can crop and crop!
Don't ask me why I love macro.... you know those obscure pictures so close you don't really know for sure what you are even looking at! or those pictures of just the delicate stamen of the flower! I don't know why but I know what I like! AND I have read in my books... TAKE pictures of what YOU like. Sounds simple but you have to really see they beauty of something to communicate it's beauty in a picture. Are you following me? Cause I got lots more to cover! hang on!

I LOVE color! I love glass! So when I found these in the Walmart clearance isle... I was smitten.
The boys and the hubs ask." what are you gonna do with them? Just take pictures?"

"No," I reply patiently, "after pictures they are going in that jar like potpourri!"
Now, back to photography.... here are some of the things I am learning.

There has to be an interesting focal point and a place for the eye to follow and then rest.

There has to be composition.

Composition is huge, and so is negative space, the space around the focal point that seems empty but gives the focal point its prominence.

Couldn't you just laugh at the black and white!
For a "color junkie" like me.... I laugh.

Simple is good.

Really, you just have to start taking pics of anything and everything and learn what your camera can do! If I don't practice what I am learning I will totally forget it all!!! so for now you get glass worms.

Is it just me that loves these with their curves and shimmer?

Really. They look like pretty earthworms!
I just have to shoot what I like!

Here's more if you are still reading this.....
I have learned:
1.Don't delete too many of your pics while they are in the camera. Just the ones that are terrible. You may be surprise when you get them to the computer! This has happened to me several times already! They look so different on that little screen vs the computer screen.
2. When you take a series of similar photos make "marker" photos.... like when I switched the other day to warming filter, I took a pic first of my hand making a "w" so then when I get to all those rows and rows of thumbnails on the computer I can find which one is which! That is actually how I ended up with the silly pic of me to the right. I was making that face just to mark that I was going to the ones with "bright" light... so I made a "big" face". Whatever works!
3. Sometimes you have to create the scene you want not just wait for a scene to happen. And since I am impatient, I am all about making the scene happen.

Okay, I have more things in my list, but I will save them for another post, 'cause I know some of yall are only still reading out of love and devotion, but you are really bored now! *smile* (How was that for a run on sentence?)
Tell me... do you like the glass or is it just one of those weird things I will just have to enjoy myself. I don't know that the boys in my life are that thrilled with these pics! *smile*


David said...

Great stuff, Beth. I have a designated macro lens, but I still take a lot of my macro pictures with my walk-around lens because the macro lens is just so unforgiving on focal length when you open up the aperture. But when it works, it's awesome! I just have to end up deleting a lot of pictures when I use it, as you said, once they're on the computer.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I likey. I also heart run-on sentences...for obvious reasons :)

PS - Dumb weather. Nice that I'm wearing boots in April. Boo.

Kaye Butler said...

I love the photo lessons...more more the glass...

Wish I had a fancier camera...mine is a Kodak ZD710. I want to be able to do more!

Stacey said...

I like the blue one with negative space!!

And what a great idea taking a picture to mark a spot! I never thought of that! I was trying to write it down in a notebook. I have a composition book you'll have to check out!!