Monday, April 20, 2009

Here we go! (said in Mario voice)

My computer seems happy now!
The geek squad guy must have been right! Yeah!

So... here we go! (Said in Mario voice)...
Easter weekend.
Daniel doesn't ever ASK to hold the babies.
But when he does end up holding one......

(This one is blurry but funny.
Daniel is dangling a long drip of baby drool!)

Then he does what he does best....

Makes 'em smile!

Then gives them back!
(to baby's daddy)

Cuddly cousins!

This sweet girl is too much fun!

She let me "click~click~click"!

Way fun!
INSERT PHOTO TIP: Get eye level or lower. Can you see/feel the mood of the picture change with these from the other ones of her with Jedd taken from above them. Not better just different feel to the pics.
If you have not heard the story of this tiny miracle girl (born early and weighed 1 lb 14oz) you can read about her HERE. She is almost three!!!!

There are tons more Easter weekend pics to share! More coming! More cuteness!
More babies.

Egg dying.

More of the go kart smiles.

More photo tips!

More blessings.


Lois Lane II said... can tell she likes photos! And she should! She's adorable!

TCKK said...

What a cutie!! Great pics! You are so talented with that camera.

Heth said...

Lovely, lovely photos Beth.