Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crossing my fingers!

I think my computer is fixed!
Long story ~ short.... I hope the geek squad is right!
Easy fix, I hope...... they said it was because I had two firewalls running at once.
I un-installed one. Didn't know I even had two running.
Now we will see.....who new that would cause such a mess!

On to fun stuff!
Now, I still have Easter pics to show you, but today I am jumping ahead to last night!


GORGEOUS sunshine!

I do believe I now also love "lens flare"!

Now, there are ways to get rid of it, those bright circles.
Some people don't like it.
But I do!
Do you?

BASEBALL practice starts Monday!

I am as excited as the boys are!
Jedd gets to play Little League (kids pitch) this year!

Daniel decided to try something he saw on TV.
Number the balls, and the boys try to read the #'s as they come toward them.
Makes them keep their eye on the ball.

They loved the challenge!
At first it was really hard.
Don't you love that "Moma, do you have to take pictures" look?

(Yes, that would be "Baymie" ~blanket scraps tied around his neck. Sometimes when he has on long sleeves he puts a piece up his sleeve. He is THAT attached!)

We have lived near "Pelican Park" for almost four years.
Never seen one there.
Till now!

Look! Pelicans!

Here is how far out on the river they were.... it was hard to get a decent picture.
Even with Cash and my 18-200 VR lens.
But it was fun trying!
But I left a little sad that I did not get a good sharp picture of them.
When you zoom all the way in, any camera shake is exaggerated.
BUT I am getting a tripod for my birthday!!!
I know, I know,...I am spoiled.

But I like to call it blessed!


jenni said...

All this time I've been saying you are blessed... BUT your camera and now a nice tripod... looking more like spoiled now. :) LOL! You deserve it. I love the pic of the baseballs on the deck.

Ronda said...

You ARE blessed...and so are we. We have you!

Lois Lane II said...

Oooh -- a tripod?!! How cool!!

Your kids are so precious -- I love that "Do you have to take pictures" look! I get it all the time from my hubby, haha!

TCKK said...

Great pictures and yes you are blessed!!

Kaye Butler said...

great photo of the baseballs!