Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 3 - 2 parks. 2 amazing roller coasters.

We went to two parks on the third day...... the one called Animal and then Kingdom and the other Hollywood and then Studios! Each have one AWESOME ROLLER COASTER!!! I thought one was my fav, until we got on the other at night and it was even MORE awesome!

 Ok, gurr..... blogger mixed these up!

First, cool plant we looked at while waiting almost two hours for a ride I hated. 

 This is the one I hated. 
We dropped from the top,
sort of,

you drop,

and then stop, and then

drop again. 

and then boom,

 It wasn't fun. for me. of course. two other Paulsens loved it.
 Initial fav roller coaster. AMAZING! Wild.
 Don't have to tell you it rocks. *smile*
 I {heart} scrabble.
 Animals at the Kingdom.
 Tree at the Kingdom.
 FAVORITE ride of all!!! At the Kingdom is one that goes up that fake mountain!
Artistic shot of the ride I hated.
 Me and Jeddy at the cool animal tree.
Animal garland. 

Guess what!!???

I have video from day 2 I forgot about!

Did you see Jedd go under?

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