Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 2 in paradise. aka, a Florida swamp.

These first few days were days we had to add at the last minute, as our intention was not to come down until Friday night.  But things had to change, and we made the most of our extra days. *smile*
This is something we just had to do...... Wild Willy's Air boat Rides. Yep. In a swamp, with alligators.

 It was exciting!!!
 There were tons of cool birds! I didn't say pretty, just cool.
 I feel at home in a swamp, and cypress trees, but not with alligators!
 This is the moma - below.  She is big and she is hiding since it is cloudy and cool.
 These are a few of her hundreds of babies in this particular nest. 
 Not gonna lie, I was holding tight the arm of the guide
 as I leaned over the nest to take photos. 
The guide was so fun, and down to earth, and nice!
 We scared up more birds.
 And more birds.
 And more birds. I was actually surprised these look okay since we were going so fast!
 Another bird.

 We got a fun lesson on Spanish moss. FYI - it's not moss.
 Happy man on a boat.
 These nubbies help the tree "breathe". 

I like bird photos.

 The guide was so fun! And without me asking he asked for my camera, walked out in the swamp and took photos of us!

 It was a blast!

We were way more excited than we look! *smile*
Can you see it???
Eagle's nest!

 This one was bigger than those little babies. But still a baby.  A tween maybe? Four foot?
We got caught in a downpour! The guide got out ponchos for us. 
We loved every minute of it anyway! 

Back at the bank we got to hold one.
 AS SOON AS I held this cutie I wanted to give it back ASAP!!! 
I was cringing and telling Daniel to take the photo FAST! 
Smiling still! 
of course!
 I did NOT like holding him.

Ummm.... this is part 2 of Day 2.

Next is part 3 of Day 2.

I warned you, there are a lot of photos.

Just sayin'.
Oh! And is anyone surprised we came home with this?

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