Friday, October 12, 2012

Seriously. As your friend I have to say.......

There is nothing funny about the issues facing us in the upcoming important and pivotal election.  I don't know if Joe Bid*n was laughing at the issues last night as much as he was at his opponent, but he clearly doesn't see the gravity of what we face as a nation right now. He only gets the gravity of how quickly his power and position are likely fading and dissolving day after day. Last night he set out to make sure his opponent got zero chance to share thoughts or ideas and in that, I guess he was rather successful. It seemed like it was just a game to him, how shameful. His actions showed how wrong he is for the highly powerful position he holds right now.
I have been listening to and reading a lot about politics and this coming election. I am shocked by what is going on and how so many people are not even paying attention. Especially regarding  what happened on 9-11-12
I could get on a soap box, yelling WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! you are being LIED TO!!! and begin explaining to you the facts of it all, but really it is your job as a voting American to study the facts yourself. And that is better than me spouting my own opinions.  Get online and LISTEN just to what the two candidates are saying.  Not what all the tv personalities are saying! Just listen to the candidates.  Their speeches and their records speak volumes as to where this country is headed if each were to win this election.
I do want to challenge you to do something - after doing some research and making your decision, write down the main reasons you are going to vote for that person.
Soon, very soon after this election you will see the truth of who these two men really are and you will need the reminder.  And someday, your children and grandchildren may ask you - how did you vote in that 2012 election that changed everything? why did you vote for him? And you may want to look back at that list and explain with pride or with regret the choice you made that day.
Your vote matters. 
And your vote means something. 
Make an intelligent and educated decision. 
History will tell a huge story about this election. 
It's a game changer. 

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