Monday, April 9, 2012

Fresh. Air.

After complaining about a lack of fresh air after Daniel had eggs, beans and cabbage...... God gives me this amazing windy and almost warm weather. Not quite warm but almost. 
A certain tree at my in laws house, kept pulling me and my camera over.  

And a certain little doll that I loved following with my camera too!

 Poor thing had TWO Nikon's following her around! ha ha!
 As long as there is candy, you are never too old for an egg hunt.

When the wind was too much and we came inside, my mother in law had still more flowers inside.  I LOVE her Easter table decor!

Happy Easter yall! 
Hope you had a beautiful and worship-filled day. 

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Reba said...

I always love your pics! Beautiful. Hugs to you...I am guessing this holiday was bittersweet...another first. :(