Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tired of it?

Daniel says to me the other night, "Do you think we will ever get tired of our current hobbies?" He says this after I have been clearing out my "scrapbooking/office room" and turning it into my "photography/office room". 
He is far from getting tired of fishing. His eyes still dance when he thinks about it. 
Well, I know I am fickle.  It is always possible I will tire of photography.  But for now.  I long to take more and more photos, of more and more things.  And I have way more ideas than I have time for in the near future.  
So I think for now we are good.  Besides, our hobbies work well together. Where there are fish there are often OTHER pretty things to photograph.  But don't expect any fish photography anytime soon. *smile*
  Remember this?

You're welcome.


Cathy said...

Too funny!

Renegades said...

I put up my scrapbooking stuff too. I just don't think I'm in the creative mood right now.