Wednesday, December 7, 2011

1992. and now.

Today I found a page from 1992 I saved from one of those calendars that have a new page and quote or verse for each day.  It was tucked in the cover of my Bible.
There is no doubt why I saved it.  1992.  The first year I felt the deepest pain of death of a loved one.
It is beautiful and I adapted it for me today:
I love the verse too.  " In Thy presence is fullness of joy; in Thy right hand there are pleasures forever. " Psalm 16:11

I have been thinking a lot about my mother now spending forever in beautiful worship of her Savior, Jesus Christ. I am happy for her.  I long to join her.  Forever in worship.  I can only imagine.


Jenn said...

YES!!! Until the past couple of years I never longed to go to heaven. I desired too much here on earth. The closer I have become to the Lord, the more I seek Him, the greater the longing to rest in Him has become.

This post was absolutely beautiful!!!

Cathy said...

Beautiful and I love that song and wondering what it will all be like.