Monday, October 24, 2011

a post with a "gross out" warning.

 If you are easily grossed out don't finish this post.  Really the photo isn't bad at all.  Stitches to the eyeball. No blood. No flesh hanging.  Tiny tiny stitches.
Last Thursday I got a phone call from my husband while at work asking for the phone # for the eye doctor. ( we are there A LOT with eye injuries. *smile*). I asked if he had scratched his cornea... his response.... well there's stuff coming out.
I told him DON'T say that, Daniel!!! He is ALWAYS kidding me like that.
Well, long story short, he wasn't kidding. Daniel had a laceration that went all the way through the cornea.  While not on the iris, the iris was now out of place somehow.  He would need surgery.... not the "in office" - out patient kind - the go to the local hospital O.R. and go under general anesthesia kind of surgery.
Since I had brought him twizzlers to the dr appointment we had to wait a few more hours for surgery... but it had to be done ASAP! Unfortunately I had brought him twizzlers so we had to wait a few hours for his stomach to empty before they could do surgery. Opps! FYI: Don't eat when you are in an emergency situation.
A few hours later, my groggy, goofy husband was drifting back to reality and back to teasing the cute nurses. He disregarded the nurses advice to avoid greasy food after anesthesia and asked for a BK burger as soon as we left the hospital only two hours after surgery! He was sooo hungry.
His vision is blurry in that eye, but that should improve.  He can't lift, or be in a dirty or dusty environment so he can only go to work and help out in the office, but the secretary goes on vacation next week..... oh.... help the people that call in for electrical work next week.... they will be asked what they want on their pizza. "Pizza Hut, will this be deliver or carry out?"
So here is the only slightly gross part!

The stitches are actually pretty cool.  They just look like scribbles with a pen on a photo of an eyeball!



The iris is cloudy because there is a contact lens over the eye to protect it for now.  That macro lens came in handy, huh?!?! (The blue glare shaped like a circle is the halogen light we shined in his eye to get the picture.  Now that is love.  He suffered a little to let me take the photo.  Awe. )

He does NOT like having to slow down. It could be WEEKS before he can return to his normal work. So for now, no power tools. No dirt, no fishing, no hunting.
He wears a shield over it, but the eye is open and he can look out the shield enough to drive, do desk work, etc.  It is not bandaged up as you'd think they would do.  But it does have that contact over it.
Anyway, that happened last Thursday.  We go back to the doctor on Friday. 

Thank you, Lord for not letting that nail destroy his eye.  Oh, yea, I didn't tell you, it was the head of a nail that hit his eye and bounced off.  Although he did tease one of the nurses and tell her the nail was still in there.  *sigh*
Here is a pic from before surgery, but it shows you the shield he wears now.
(He is eating twizzlers. His favorite candy... hint hint.)


Reba said...

Your hubby sounds like a hoot! I have to admit, I wasn't sure what to expect, but the pic is really cool. Who knew those teeny tiny stitches could be made in such a delicate spot!

Suzie said...

Oh your poor hubby! I've had cornea abrasions every now and then, but to have fluid actually come out of the eye gives me goosebumps. Glad he was smart enough to call and not try and take care of things on his own.

I love the stitches in the eye picture - it's just so amazing!

Thank you for sharing. I hope he doesn't give too many people the run-around when he heads back to work in the office.

Renegades said...

So glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been.