Monday, September 12, 2011

Ecclesiastes 3

Somehow Ecclesiastes 3 makes it sound poetic. But the harsh reality is that we all will die.  One day this body will cease to house my soul and will return to dust.
Death is all around us.  Funeral after funeral lately. It leaves my heart sad.
While I was taking a picture of this flower....
... I could hear crunching in my ear.  I looked right beside me at this:
Death is ugly. I am not a "buy me flowers" kind of girl.  I think it is partly because I can't help thinking how quickly they will die once cut.
I don't even know where I am going with this.  I just am feeling so many emotions lately. Thinking so many random thoughts.
All this death is altering my perspective.  It a good way, I think.
Soon I will begin leading a ladies Bible study series entitled, "Eyes on Eternity".  I think God is preparing my heart for it.  All this death is pushing my chin up.... and my eyes toward eternity.  And the tears start to fall, in a good way. Tears are a good thing. They are a really good thing.


Lindsay said...

oh my GOSH. Lovely, breathtaking, amazing!

That's you in a nutshell!! :)

Love you friend ~

Cathy said...

So true my friend.