Monday, August 1, 2011

Overwhelmed, with good stuff

I hate that I have not had time to blog at all lately.

Here are the reasons why I have been gone from the blog world:

1. I have been gone a lot! Went to Arkansas twice this summer already! (left without my camera for the second trip- major bummer).
2. Had an extra child for a month (nephew) and loved it! Every minute!
3. I work. And I love it.
4. I have been taking a lot of pictures! and then doing tons of editing!
5. I have so many photos I am overwhelmed with all the good stuff I want to share!
6. I am trying to lose weight again (I gained back 8 of the 40 that I lost- opps! I am going to blame the STILL injured hamstring... that is much easier that taking full responsibility now isn't it?). This means I must walk not run which takes longer and equals less free time!
7. I am overwhelmed with the work God has been doing inside of me lately and it is wonderful and beautiful and I don't know where to begin to tell you about it but I will try in the future!
8. We had VBS last week... nuff said.

My fun boys start school in 22 days! I want to enjoy each day until then! I will try to post fun pics here and there and soon get more consistent with posting! Thing may be very random for a while!

Like this:

Yes, that is pond-scum. On his face.

Many more random photos coming your way.


Penny said...

Lol!! Your pictures are always so fun!

Stacey said...

I've missed you...

Reba said...

I have missed your posts but I completely understand! I look forward to reading about what God has been doing. And seeing your pics...they always make me smile.

Kaye Butler said...

Love the pond scum and bubble bootay!!!!!