Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just more JUMPING!!!

The return home was as fun as the trip down! We stopped an abandoned gas station to checkout the Louisiana Crawfish they had for sale.  Daniel just wanted to see how big they get and if he could get some for bait!
They were a little too big for bait.
At least most of them.
The boys LOVED them!
Since they were on ice getting to Arkansas they were sluggish and not pinching! 

Oh did I mention I have a third boy for about a month? Yep!
I adore him. And he adores these.
The sellers were so nice to let us play, Daniel even got to pick out the little ones for free and have them for bait! 

On through the mountains!
We had quite a time finding this spot......
But boy, oh boy, was it worth it.
Jedd was only a little nervous for the first jump.
Not my newly borrowed third boy....
Then they started coming up with creative ways to jump. 
Can you figure this one out?
THIS is why I need a monopod on our adventures!
I was sooo happy to have figured out how to take this kind of shot!
Can you get this one?
My Russ.
The Ozarks are so full of beautiful things!
There was no way to stop and take all the pictures I imagined. 
I say 100 things along the way I wished I could capture in my trusty camera. 
But I am happy with what I got this trip! 
I hope y'all have enjoyed them! 
I need a blog-pick-me-up --- so
IF you have enjoyed even one thing.... please leave a comment...
I sometimes wonder if very many people are even reading these!

If I don't get comments,
I will be left to assume my following is small but loyal.



Janet said...

I LOVE reading your blog and seeing all of your amazing pictures!! Seeing my 'growing up bud' - Daniel in all of his 'craziness' brings many smiles to my face. I also love reading your blog because it just makes it as clear as day that Daniel hit the jackpot when he married you.

Summer, here, is hectic (I can tell you where I'll be going every single morning and every single night, next week and I'm a SAHM!) So even a brief minute here and there brings me great joy!!

Reba said...

I was just showing off your pictures from your blog to my mom today. I love the "small but loyal" following statement...I am going to file it away. :) Anyway, I am very curious where that spot is? Anywhere close to me?

Cathy said...

I love to look at your pictures. The first one was Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil and the 2nd was YMCA! Too fun.

laughwithusblog said...

Eww! :) Can't eat them, just can't!

Jean said...

Still following .... just a little nervous about what I might read -- like the snakes in the river story -- in Jack's words "yucky".

jenni said...

It's been awhile since I've stopped by your little blog... GREAT STUFF still!! :) Pictures are amazing and it looks like you had a BLAST! So neat that you can have your nephew for awhile.

Anonymous said...

I love showing your beautiful work off to my co-workers!! Oh did I just admit I was on the internet at work???? :) Tracy

Stacey said...

So you carry a monopod when you hike?? So do tell how you got the water to look soo cool??? You know I love your pics!! It's sad when you are posting as much...Thanks Beth!

Anonymous said...

the AR pics make me nostalgic for the Ozark scenes....also the riceland scenes and the magnolias. Wonderful memories of family and friends, many gone now. Enjoy the now! and don't fear, put it in his hands.....San

Angela said...

I like to read your stuff! I read on my phone sometimes, so it's more of a pain to comment. Great pictures! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I'm here! I just like to save it up and take a bunch in at one time...lets call it blog-binging.

Keep 'em coming.

Kaye Butler said...

I love reading your blog!!! I just don't get to do it as often as I used to...dial up is to slow and sneaking at work is hard!!!!

Those crawfish looked good enough to eat!!!!