Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weight tracker Wednesday!

Happy Belated birthday to me!!!

Well, yall I had a great birthday! I am un-phased by the #40. Actually, I like it. I have liked all 40 of my numbers! I don't really even get what is wrong with 40. But that is just me!

I worked the actual day of my birthday! My co-workers all dressed in black, gave me "funeral" flowers (dark purple calla lilies), and made "Lutheran Bereavement Dinner" foods - ham and cheese sandwiches, jello, etc. It was fun! Then there was Janette's Pioneer Woman Butter Cake. *sigh* AND a special cupcake from my friend Kim. OH - THEY WERE BOTH SOOO GOOD! The cupcake was from the bakery "Scratch" 15 miles away from here and it is a good thing! 15 miles distance is a very good thing!

Daniel took me out for dinner and shopping! I need clothes that fit!!! I am giving away what doesn't fit and have less and less that DOES fit! The problem is that I only want to buy summer clothes like capris as I may be even smaller by fall so I don't want to buy any pants right now. So here I wait wearing big pants and sweaters and longing to put on my NEW capris and shirts CAUSE IT IS STILL C.O.L.D. - cold here!!! Burr!

Okay so with the mention of Butter cake you are wondering about my update for this week! I am proud to say that I have lost nothing and GAINED NOTHING! I did TWO workouts the day after my birthday! They felt great, well, that is until my hamstring found out about it and was sore all day on Monday!
I have been doing a LITTLE running. And the hammy is resistant. I suddenly have no interest in swimming, but I may have to get back to the pool if I want to burn off anything. We will see. I know I should do both.....walk/running and swimming.

Well, thanks yall for all the great birthday wishes! It was a fun weekend!


Renegades said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

janette said...

I think after the butter cake, the cupcake, and the dinner out, not gaining is a huge victory!! Yay for sped up metabolisms. :)
Love you...and love the pants that you continue to shrink out of. :)