Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today was a good day. well, and

Awe Jake.

Jedd n Jake.  
Jedd found out that if you steer a horse toward the ditch.
The horse heads for the ditch.
Time for a little drivin lesson.
Nice ditch huh?
Love "my" little girls.

And oh how they love their Uncle Dan.
I have no idea.


Renegades said...

Looks like tons of smiles and great memories captured.

Reba said...

Such fun pictures! Looks like good times there!

funkymacgirl said...

nice picture..and thats alot of snow!!

Cathy said...

Love all the pics and it was so cute her trying to blow out the candles!

Stacey said...

Fun Family Pics!!! You always do such a great job!