Sunday, February 20, 2011


I just spent four days at "home" in Arkansas.  
Four beautiful days.  
The sunshine and warm temps were invigorating!

I am suddenly even more sentimental than ever.  

It shows in the photos that I took this trip.

There are things I want desperately to remember forever.

This spot is one of them. 
The corner leading to our farm.
The corner heading into town.
(The corner didn't even have a sign at all
until I was married and living in Iowa.)
As a young child it was just,
Route 2 Box 195.
Then  as a teen it became
Route 3 Box 6.
Then  sometime in the 90's 
113 Bormann Rd.

I've turned this corner a thousand times.

But when it's been a long time in-between...

I instantly feel a rush of peace.

It's home. 


Reba said...

I thought you might have gone home. I still can picture your parents' house and would probably still feel at home there too...not as much as you do but I feel your sentiment. :) Hope your parents are doing well. I adore and cherish both of them.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Very cool. Welcome back. :)

Anne said...

Mine went from Rt. 2 Box 805 to 18552 N. Poe Valley Road.

It is so funny that I was actually *proud* when I got a real address. (Even though the farm didn't change at all... just the address...)

I love going *HOME*. A great-great feeling.

ShannonK said...

I have the same feeling turning down "Holy Island Road" where my parents live now. Totally get it!

Jeannie said...

I can tell you that sign went up in 1996 because I was pregnant with Holly in a navy and yellow maternity top when we took a family picture in front of it for the Farm Family of the Year edition of the paper -- within days of Grandpa passing away.