Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weight tracker Wednesday!!!!

Blogging about weight loss is a funny thing.  It is a great motivator.  It is great accountability.  It makes me look at my eating habits differently.  When I eat sweets, knowing they will make a difference on the scale, I know that I had better have a good reason (excuse) for a lack of loss or for no loss or for a gain!
This week.   I was up a pound, BUT came back down to the same weight as last week by this morning. WHEW!
But I was ready for you.  Really, I was.  If the scale had said I was up a pound you were gonna hear a very very very good reason why. 

It can be summed up in two words.

It is called.....




Yes, there is a cake named Butter Cake.   I only found this cake on Friday at work ( I was already up one pound by then but that is now conveniently irrelevant *smile*)  It was going to be my worthy excuse. Yes, that cake is worth gaining a pound.

Oh, so those of you not dieting want to hear about this cake?

I have no recipe or link.  I refuse to look it up for you.

This cake tastes very much like cake batter.

I LOVE cake batter, by the way.  More than cake itself.

You will have to find it yourself.  I was told by the CHILDREN'S librarian who made this cake but will remain nameless, that it is a Pioneer Woman recipe. 

That's all I know.  And I think you know where to find this CHILDREN'S  librarian if you need her help.  And if you don't know who Pioneer Woman is. Well, you should call your library and ask. They will know. OR they should know.


Renegades said...

I don't look for very good results this week. My problem has been grabbing a taste here and there as a cook. So not good for the diet.

Reba said...

I will have to look this up, or maybe I shouldn't. I only went down half a pound...second week in a row. I am sure it has nothing to do with the chocolate/caramel cake gooey mess thing I made last weekend...

Anne said...

Gonna check out the butter cake right now. Have I mentioned I need to be in a swimsuit in Hawaii in June? Butter cake will not be helpful in making that a pretty picture... however... again... totally worth it.

Leesha said...

Hey Beth!!!

I am glad to get to read your blog! You make me smile & laugh a lot!

I have given you a blog award!