Monday, December 13, 2010

Playin with Textures

When I took these photos. At first all I saw was their imperfection. The lack of sharpness, the bad exposure. But I knew they had potential. I have learned that.
At first I didn't want to look at them. They weren't sharp enough. I love sharp.
But then I found "textures".
They take photos to a different place. To a place where "art" makes the average much prettier.
Now, I kinda love them.

I do this to myself too.
How is it that I try to be perfect so much of the time? Hating it when I do dumb things that PROVE I am imperfect?  Why?
I am not surprised, but somehow I don't want to accept what I already know.

Why would I refuse to let Him make something better out of my life? Silly me.

Lately I am moving through a wide range of emotions. I feel guarded and vulnerable. In time I hope I can express more of it all here.

Thanks for listening. That's what it feels like. Blogging is like talking to someone who listens.
Yall ARE listening right? *smirk*


Ashley Sisk said...

Thanks for bringing me back over - you've got me blushing. :) I love these and you're so right...texture can take something that may be seen as imperfect and turn it into "art." These are clearly that. I especially love your last shot. It's perfect in every way!

ShannonK said...

I'm always listening. You, my dear, create art all the time! And inspiration. And laughter. *big silly grin*

Jean said...

I love ALL of these pics!

ShalomSeeker said...

I hear you, friend. ;o)