Monday, December 20, 2010

Just fun and free!

IF you want to learn something new in photoshop elements you might wanna checkout this little video HERE.

Really you can create an IOU gift any way you want! And really how fun is that?!?!

I am totally gonna make some to put under the tree for the boys this year!

Any fun ideas what to give?
1. IOU a trip to McDonalds, just the two of us.
2. IOU a game night, just the two of us.
3. IOU a ?!?!?????

This is harder than I thought!


Kaye Butler said...

IOU foot rub
IOU homemade hot chocolate in a cool Christmas mug
IOU pumpkin bread
IOU the sunlight in the morning
And the nights of honest lovin that time can't take away.
And I owe you more than life now, more than ever I know that it's the sweetest debt I'll ever have to pay.

Sorry...Lee Greenwood happens to be one of my old favorites. We had the RECORD and 8 TRACK.

Renegades said...

IOU many thanks for your caring comments left to me. You have left me inspired and touched this past year and I thank you for that.

Merry Christmas.