Saturday, March 6, 2010


I promised picture of our fun last weekend! here we go!
We went to see Andrew and Bianca and kids in IL!
What fun!
I am so smitten with all 15 of my nephews and nieces...
but yall already know that!
Cause yall have seen a zillion pics of them!
now get ready for more!!!

This little guy LOVES dinosaurs as you saw in the video clip on their blog....
he also LOVES trains!
And this little girl.....
loves her momma's ipod!
AND she is only one yr old
but she can play games on it!!!!

She had to show me she could also play it with her toes.

Silly girl.
I love you!

As you can imagine... their Uncle Dan was
Where are you Uncle Dan!??!?

We went to the Science Museum in Rockford!
This was a favorite attraction!

YEP! It's bubble solution!

And then it pops!


He mastered how to blow bubbles from inside!
how cool is that!?!?

Speaking of cool... Uncle Dan can pitch! Fast!
Here is a video clip of Daniel just being Daniel!
And making kids laugh, I love that silly man.


Cathy said...

Such sweet pictures!

Bianca Paulsen said...

What great pictures+video! Thanks for coming again. We had so much fun having some good one-on -one quality time. Need to do this more often.

ShalomSeeker said...

Too precious! :-)