Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let me introduce you......

..... to my real life friend, Kim and real life sis-in-law Bianca, who now have new blogs!!!!


-friends for about 5 years now! We met and bonded pretty much instantly!
-our kids have gone to the same school
-we both enjoy church ministries (at different churches in town)
-we both have husbands who hunt, a lot.
-we don't get to spend enough time together
-we both want to lose weight
-we both are trying to be runners!
-she just started a running blog THIS WEEK!

Go check it out HERE!


-to know her is to love her
-she is German
-we are married to brothers from a family of four boys (knowing that fact explains sooo much about them *smile*)
-she and my brother in law make a perfect match in so many ways!
-she has two precious kids! and I am not at all biased!
-she started a blog to keep in touch with family and friends (here and in Germany)
-she lives too far away to see as often as I would like! cause she is just so fun! I adore her!
-her accent is soooo awesome! watch the video on her blog to hear her!

Go check out her blog HERE!

you can continue follow them by clicking on their posts at the right of my page where I list the blogs I follow!


(Leave them comments if you know how! It is soooo exciting and encouraging to get comments when you are just starting out!)


Kim@runningtolosewithfaith said...

You are so sweet and to think my only two followers are my first two friends when I moved to town! I want to know how you got that picture on there!?? Love ya! Thanks again for your help!

Bianca Paulsen said...

Thanks Beth! That is so sweet. You are an awesome sister-in-law. Thanks also for this fun last weekend!