Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weight tracker Wednesday!

You get a bullet list today!
~We are back from Arkansas. feels very much like coming back from another country.
~ There is too much snow here.
~ It doesn't get above zero (windchill) here anymore. Ever. Ever.
~10 more inches of snow is coming.
~I gained 3 pounds over Christmas.
~I will start back at running- TODAY!
~I love cake balls.
~I love cheese cake
~I love catfish.
~I love eating healthy.
~It was too cold to go get groceries last night so Daniel went.
~Fridays high - without the windchill- is zero.
~I finally have internet back at home after 3 weeks.
~I don't even know how I got it working again.
~I am spoiled.... Daniel drove to my work Monday night just so I would have a warm vehicle to drive home in.
~I fell asleep during the bowl game last night. Who won?
~I am ALMOST over my cold..... thanks to the ol' lavage kit.
~I need to make more copies and mail out the Paulsen Christmas movie 2009 to a lot of you!!!
~I would never have imagined in HS typing class that one day we would all be typing with our thumbs.
~I loved being home and miss it already.
~I wish man-made global warming wasn't a big joke, but it is.
~I might move to Texas when I retire.
~I need to clean my house.
~I am gonna make soup today.
~I think Nintendo DSi's are amazing, but I don't play them.
~I hate packing up Christmas decor.
~I like making bullet lists.
~I hope you aren't bored yet.
~I like staying home
~I was confused by Biggest Loser last night. Why not just let Blue and Yellow stay for a week!?
~I love Judge Judy.
~I love Iowa more than I hate the cold.
~I am trying to whine less.
~I feel so blessed.
~I feel so loved.

Love you!


janette said...

loved your list...what an efficient way to put it all out there!
I love that you love cake balls...:)
and I'm happy that I'm not the only one who's waistline was happy to see christmas go!

love having you back!

Lindsay said...

I might move to Texas with you :)

Your list makes me smile ... and I pray that you know how very loved you are from Oregon!!

Happy Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

The offer to houseswap still fact, you can just stay for a while into summer and enjoy a good hot humid summer, it'll make you feel right at home and I could suffer through...well, first snow, then a cool dry summer. It would be tough, but I'm up for the challenge.

Are those cake balls from bakerealla? I've been wanting to make the, but been too sick, but plan to make them for Katelyn's upcoming birthday. :) Shell

Cathy said...

Don't feel bad. I gained 2.2lbs over the holidays. But I went back to WW yesterday. Let's see if we can get it back off this week.

Anne said...

*I love lists, with or without bullets. *I hope to meet you in real life next time you come to Oregon. *I'm glad you love Iowa~can't say I imagine I will come there anytime soon. *I *HATE* the cold but I would miss ~seasons~ if I moved to Texas. Happy running. I decided since I turn 40 this year that I am going to do a marathon (walk not run) but it will still be 26.2 l-o-n-g miles, wish me luck.

Lois Lane II said...

I love bullet lists -- and Judge Judy. Why can't you live in Louisiana??? (because we all know I can't live where it's cold, lol -- it was 20 degrees this morning, and I nearly cried...but I was afraid my tears would freeze...)