Saturday, January 16, 2010


There are so many times that I feel helpless.Like thinking of those in Haiti. Or feeling helpless when those I love,are in need. ~A friend with a very ill child, a friend going through horribly tough times, a friend under huge financial pressures, the list could go on and on. It seems there isn't a lot I can do to help. But I would be wrong to think that...I know Someone who CAN! He is good at helping, blessing, healing, guiding, giving, and caring. I can lay my friends at His feet knowing they are safe in His hands. And His love for them goes beyond my own imagination.

He is like that, you know, good at going beyond imagination. (1st Cor 2:9)

I don't like to admit when the snow is pretty. This isn't even snow, so I am safe for now. The garden at work (the library garden) was completely frosted over today, so this is for my friends today, know that I love you:
I am going to pick a theme word for 2010.... I haven't picked it yet.... but this would be a good sort of represents winter to me:


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I think Restore is a wonderful 2010 theme word. =)

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You always do such beautiful work and I love your new header!