Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Weight tracker Wednesday!

Sure doesn't feel like a Wednesday!

Daniel is home.

Can't get to work in a blizzard.

Sorry yall, I didn't lose anything this week! BUT I have been really doing great on my running! I have gone 4 miles 4 times this week! woo hoo!

And then ate!
Pizza, McDonalds, cookies, etc.

I don't even know how much snow their is out there. I don't really want to know. I just know that it is coming down sideways so it isn't piling up on the cars. One minute I look and it is a file powder, the next it is the biggest snowball size flakes I have ever seen!
All of Iowa has come to a halt.

SOOOOOOOO thankful I have the internet!

AND so thankful I got my Christmas present early!!!!

It is a kitchenaid stand mixer!!!! LOVE it! And all it's red shiny-ness!

Sorry I haven't been bloggin! I have been baking, holding babies, taking family pics for friends and family, editing family pics for friends and family, and hanging with fam! There will be plenty of time this winter to get yall caught up!
AND to get serious about losing weight! Really, I will, I promise! *smile*
Did yall like the BL finale? What amazing changes! Made me want to get running! Really it was a great illustration of what is possible for ANYONE!

Now what should I bake next.....? *smile*

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melanie said...

:) Yeah for blizzards when you have a shiny new baking assistant!!