Sunday, November 22, 2009

Where was I....??

Kinda been crazy lately!
My computer crashed trying to update to Windows 7! woohoo!!!
So yall know I have been havin' crazy amounts of fun!

I have missed bloggin'!

And HERE COME the holidays!


Today I.....
...have been downloading drivers for my computer.... I don't know what they are either, but I can tell when I need one! *smile*
...was blessed by our Nancy sharing at church how thankful she is to God for her life and her amazing recovery! Remember me asking you to pray for a sick friend whose life was hanging in the balance? You can read about it HERE. And HERE. Well, she made a miraculous recovery, so much so that today God chose to remind us of the miracle she is! I only used one tissue the entire time she shared her testimony! *smile* She told us that her grandson said, "God wanted our family to have a miracle and he chose Nana to do just that."
...pray that I keep a lot of thanks in my Thanksgiving this year.
...praised God for music. the best hug from an 11 year old that said, "Mimi, you're so awesome."
...couldn't help but laugh at Jedd during supper.... he started laughing while eating mashed potatoes and a long strand of snot globbed down into his potatoes. Yes, he wiped it out and finished his potatoes. He is 10. That is what 10 year olds do when they get snot in their potatoes. to hold/play with a baby in nursery ALL through the Sunday school hour. Thank you, Megan, for sharing. I on the other hand did not share him with the other nursery worker. I am selfish like that. *smile*
...did not run, and ate four cookies today. The other day I dropped the carton of eggs on the way to the fridge so I had to make these amazing cookies so as to not waste the eggs!
...I had way too much fun at work photoshoping a co-workers face into some historic photos as a surprise graduation gift from all of us at work. Don't worry, he is a college guy doing his student teaching right now, and guaranteed not to have time to read my blog!
...decided I have gall bladder issues. My right side hurt all afternoon. Any advice from anyone?
...made more backgrounds for church power points. Christmas is coming!!!!

While it is weird not going to Arkansas this year for Thanksgiving AND the World Championship Duck Calling Contests.... I am looking forward to being with Daniel's amazing family here. I am soooo very blessed to have a second family here.
God is so good to me!


Anne said...

RE: the gall bladder... we gals are TOAST! My sister had trouble with hers & eventually got it removed (which didn't completely solve her problems either.) At the appointment the MALE Dr. said let's see how you score on the 5F test:
Are you female:check
Are you fat:check
Are you forty:check
Is there family history:check
Fertile (Mommy?:check

Stacey said...

You always make me smile Beth!! Happy Monday!!

Vicky said...

Beth, gallbladder trouble?? Avoid fatty foods. As MUCH as possible! And avoid big meals. Great advice going into the holidays, huh?? You may just need to go get that problem checked out tho.....
Good luck!
(and yes, the "5F" test talked about above is commonly discussed w/ gallbladder issues! male dr's or not!!)

Lois Lane II said...

No problem! =) I understand.

You are a strong woman to watch snot run down Jedd's nose and watch him eat those potatoes. That's the sign of a true lovin' mama for you!! ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Anonymous said...

When I read the end of your post I was excited to see you have been making more backgrounds!! Can you email some of them?? I dont seem to have your email any more I would have just sent you a message!! I've been using lots of your backgrounds at church and for our Pasotr's Sermon presentations!! They are so wonderful!!


ShalomSeeker said...

Gallbladder Q: Yes, avoid fatty foods & large meals, but truthfully, once you start having issues, you're gonna keep having issues. The only surgery I've ever had was the removal of my gallbladder. And I am GLAD I did it. 99% of my issues disappeared after a few weeks of recovery(okay, for me it was a few months, but I heal exceedingly slowly). Four years ago. Really glad I did it.

Love your attitude, babe. Keep it coming. :-)