Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weight tracker Wednesday!

Well, the people pleasin'/ gotta live up to people's expectations side of me would like to avoid this post.
The rather happy content side of me says that it is no big deal.
The fact is. I didn't lose anything this week.
I did great this week with my eating and exercise. I am content with that.
I am not as passionate about losing this time around, still determined, though.
I will continue to lose.
I will.
I was amazed on BL last night how much they lost when they REALLY felt the fear of going home! I am convinced that a huge part of losing is in your head. It still comes down to calories but how you control your eating really comes down to where you are mentally.
I am cool with that.
I am in a good place.
I believe we will see a change on the scale next WED!
Let's just see!


Kim said...

I am with you Beth.
It was probably my dip/chips and chili? :)
This is just such a hard time of the year....

Cathy said...

Good attitude Beth! I think that is very important too. I just started again too!

mel said...

So much is battled in our heart and minds isn't it..? You look great.. keep up the good work hon!!

David said...

Muscle weighs more than fat. It's common for someone who is eating right and exercising to not lose weight or even gain weight even though they're actually getting fitter. The closer you get to your goals, the more likely that is to happen. Might want to ditch the scale and start taking tape measurements instead.

Lois Lane II said...

You didn't lose...but you didn't gain, either.

And I agree with David. Muscle weighs more -- that's a given. I weigh the same I did when I started running -- but I'm two dress sizes smaller. I'll take that!

Heth said...

You have such a refreshing attitude. It's so easy to mentally do a self beat down but you are so positive. I love that about you.