Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Weight tracker Wednesday!

here we are again!
I can't believe we are in NOVEMBER!

I am in a good mood!

It has been a fun week.
a good week.
a special week!

I lost those three pound I gained and one more shockingly went with it!

4 pounds!

And I gotta say I had more sweets this week than I probably should have!
Which kinda makes me excited to work harder this week.

I ALSO am MORE excited about something else!

It's a girl!

I have a new niece!!!!

I haven't seen her yet but I am SOOOO
SOOOO sure
she is

Speaking of newborns..... yesterday I read the most amazing post from a mother of a newborn....

CLICK HERE to read it.

Have a great day yall!!!

Time for me to go R_U_N!


Kim said...

I LOVE your positive attitude. You are never hard on yourself. I am trying to learn that from you!!! :)
Keep it up, how many miles are you doing?
I am doing 3miles run/5miles bike every day.
Love ya!

TCKK said...

Congrats on the new niece and the 4lb loss! Way to go.

TCKK said...

Oh and I forgot to say, I love the new header! Cute.