Sunday, October 11, 2009

Today I:

~got up early and ran on the treadmill and enjoyed it...cause it's working!!!
~taught a two yr old in his first day in Sunday school and it was just precious
~was blessed by a sermon from a lawyer
~found a great choc snack that has lots of fiber AND tastes good: Chocolate Mini-Wheat's!
~was glared at by a two/three year old at work (the library) cause he was mad that his momma was making him leave... and I mean he walked over to me clenched his fists, glared for 3 seconds and walked away!!!! It was hysterical!
~missed my baby's last football game of the season.... but at least it was the game that was 40 degrees outside!
~ate tacos twice today and still stayed "on track"
~found four beautiful red leaves spread across the keyboard of my computer from my sweet little boy

1 comment:

Kaye Butler said...

Don't ya just love kids? Wonder what was going through his head while he was glaring at you?