Monday, September 21, 2009

My baby in black....and gold.

His first EVER tackle football game!

They were ALL sooooo cute!

Learning to find the guy with the ball.
And taking him down!
Jedd go two great tackles!

These little guys learned a lot about football in one hour.It was a tied game 7-7.
The coaches did a great job, and were very patient.

(Thanks to "Cash" and my big 18-200 zoom lens, I looked the part of the photographer and got to stand in an area where parents weren't supposed to be! ha ha!)
NEXT game they get to play on a college field!
They are way excited!


Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Those are incredible pictures!
I know it's WSR Go-Hawks....but as an Iowan...I just have to add...
Go Hawks! ;)

Stacey said...

Cool pics!! I bet you're loving that camera now!

Lindsay said...

So ... this is what I have to look forward to ?! Oh my. Good thing I still have a couple of days ... I mean years :)