Monday, September 7, 2009

It's getting there!

First, I wanna show you the artwork I found with my pal Jenni at Kohl's!
Goes with my green and yellow kitchen perfectly!
Gotta love that 65% off stuff!!!
Hmmmmm..... the stuff on the counter says a lot about me.
Paper plates over flowing, jar of rice, water pot for hot tea, and a double toaster!

Paint color!

The light blue is the primer!
The dark blue is our color!
This is the back of the house.
Paint is still a little wet.
(All doors and windows are covered with plastic right now - we have to go in and out the garage door. )
It is very overcast today so it looks dark.
I like the color today.
It looks many different shades of blue depending on the light!
We love it. At least one neighbor loves it!
Anyone has gotta love that that faded red is gone!

The boys are having a blast just with water bottles and Koaly (Russ's very special stuffed animal) on the roof.

Jedd is chasing his water bottle...

I won't show you the pic of Daniel mooning me.

There is still lots to paint!
Plus, the trim!
I like them Daniel hates them.
More pics to come!
It is not very safe out there for cash.
The paint gun sprays paint all over the place!
YIKES! Don't want that on my lens!!!

Time to go buy Daniel BK burgers (his fav)
and come home and make him waffle cookies!
Made boxed blueberry muffins for breakfast.
Trying to make this as painless as possible for him.


Heth said...

It looks fantastic! What a labor day project to take on, you are both doing great! If I repaint my house, will you bake for me?

TCKK said...

I like the color a lot!!

Kim said...

Nice!!! Now...where did you get that coffee cup picture??????? I want that!!! :)
Thanks for leaving the "mooning" picture out!!! LOL!

Kaye Butler said...

the house is looking great! Can't blame you for keeping Cash away from the spray!