Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Let us introduce you to
a Ripstik.
two wheels.... only two!
with a swiveling rod in between!
even Daniel is baffled
as to how ANYONE can balance on it!
but boys..... get it!
They were so happy they even agreed to model
a little for their moma while taking turns on that thing!
(our house is almost done...
still need to do the deck and shutters-
pictures later)
he's happy...
very happy!
And today is an "early out" for school!
He is soooo excited to get home and get back on the Ripstik!
At least they are good at sharing it right now.
But there probably needs to be another one in the near future.
Good thing there is another birthday in a few months!
(This is his favorite shirt he HAD to have for his birthday... you've seen it before... it says "THIS IS MY HAPPY SHIRT"...
he has two of them.
When he goes from bouncy happy to grouchy we have always asked him to go put on his "happy pants". Just figuratively.
Then we found a real happy shirt... end of story.)


Lois Lane II said...

That's talent!!

Heth said...

Looks like fun!

Sarah Dawn said...

Your blog header is simply too cute! And the pictures, goodness my little ones will be starting this soon, before I know it.

A delight to meet you tonight,
Sarah Dawn

Stacey said...

I always wondered how those things worked too!!

He sure looks happy though!!