Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mixed feelings....and my

high expectations.
Hmmm... did I have fun?
Was it what I expected?
Will we go back?
Maybe, maybe not.
We went to the highly acclaimed Iowa State Fair yesterday!
It had taken several years to talk Daniel into going.
What changed his mind.
He LOVES a demolition derby.
He WANTS to be in one (he has been in one before we met).
But he decided to at least go and watch one:

mostly several hours of loud engines and cars
crashing into each other.

It was actually my second, or third favorite part.

It was crazy!
I got stressed.
It was so dangerous!
Every so often they wave red flags and check on guys.
or remove bumpers or tires from the "ring".

Jedd and "C" loved the rides!

Jedd was sweet to go on mostly kiddy rides to ride with "C"!

This was my favorite part!

This was also when I had a chance to take some pics!
Look at this ride (below)!
For $25 you can be strapped in a chair thing beside your dearest friend and be flung into the air on a giant rubber band!
This is more my speed.

The food. Everyone talks about the food.

I must have picked the wrong stuff.

Fried zucchini and funnel cake.
I was up at 2 a.m. this morning, sick.
My expectations were a leisurely walk around the park, taking lots of pictures, getting free stuff from vendors, eating amazing food.
Instead it was too crowded and loud.
Too expensive.
Way way crowded.
So crowded that it wasn't fun to look at as many exhibits and animals.
Long lines.
Tired boys.
Lots of cash spent.
Lugging around a heavy camera that I didn't get to take out much.
Husband on a mission to see everything and get out of there.
Whew, and tired feet.
Not enough places to sit and rest.
I will admit I was disappointed.
We just aren't gonna be a
"State Fair" kind of family.

Oh well, guess we'd rather be camping.
I did enjoy it.
Just don't think we''ll go back anytime soon.


Anne said...

I'm a Fair Girl...but I gotta say...stick to the local fairs...I'm not big on the State Fairs either. Local ones are better...and during the day not on the weekend is your best bet to beat the crowds and get all the free stuff from vendors.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Seriously, everyone I've talked to that's eaten at the fair this year has gotten sick!

I hate crowds.

But I do love fried stuff ;)

I miss you...I think I get to see you tonight after church!

Kaye Butler said...

Girl, it couldn't be as bad as Memphis in May. Someone threw up on Tim's shoes at Memphis in May. Tim does not do well with vomit. Seriously. We went once and haven't been back. There were NO arts and crafts.

On the flip side...

went last year to the Arkansas State Fair in Little Rock with one of my sisterinlaws and had a great time. We decorated some tee shirts and won front row tickets and meet and greet with Kelly Pickler...the girls fav country singer!

I'll have to find the post about it and send it to ya

Stacey said...

But did you see my picture?? *smile

Lindsay said...

awe Beth ... you area trooper!

Hope you're feeling better & that you know I would have never seen the Iowa state fair if you hadn't of taken pictures and posted them here ... so thanks :)

I enjoyed the trip!

Have a GREAT week friend ... and I love the new banner - LOVE IT!

Kim said...

I am with you, I have NEVER been a fan of the Iowa State Fair!!! Crowds.....ugh.....Dan on the other hand likes it......and the kids.....We never went this year, we were too busy with other things!!! hahahaha!!! I got out of it this year!!! :)

Ronda W said...

We love the Illinois state fair, but it is only about a mile from my house. This year James was sick during the fair, so he didn't get to go and I only got to go for a few hours on the last day, but I got my corn dog, vinegar fries, and lemon shake-up. We don't go on weekends we usually go on a weekday. That way the crowds are not bad.
Sorry your experience wasn't so good. My husband and I enjoy people watching at the fair.