Thursday, August 6, 2009

had a goofy dream

last night. I dreamed that I went west somewhere and there was a cult nearby that was dumping baby boys (only wanting girls) so I was there to rescue a few boys! how dare someone not want BOYS!!!!
I was caring for this tiny baby boy the size of those tiny $5 baby dolls at Walmart. I was making diapers out of paper towels. I didn't even like baby dolls as a little girl.
Anyway, I had one and was making plans to go save another and was recruiting help to sneak into their cult camp and snag another baby boy before he was killed.
I KNOW yall are gonna say I need another child! But we have NO plans for that! It was just a dream. a funny one! Watching daniel hold a 1 lb baby was kinda funny!
THERE IS A baby I have joked about adopting. She is real. She is in need of your prayers. A friend at work is on a missions trip in Africa right now possibly meeting her, I hope. This little girl is an albino child born in Africa where they are considered a curse and evil and usually abandoned or killed!! So Christians there managed to save this baby and are caring for her.
Pray that they find a safe and happy home for her.

Babies are amazing! What a gift often not appreciated, not wanted, not valued. God will hold our nation accountable one day for how we care for these precious gifts. The unborn included.

Go check out this video... I went to college with her for a year and now she is an amazing musician and public speaker who recently adopted a child :



Lois Lane II said...

Oh my goodness, that poor little girl! I will be praying that she finds a wonderful home.

Lindsay said...

ok ... I'm totally crying as I watch this ... goodness!

Praying your friend sees that sweet child that sweet girl ... and that a home is found for her quickly!

What a GREAT song too!

Thanks for this Beth ~