Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Did I mention yet.....

that over the weekend we also floated the Upper Iowa River?
That is where "being cold" met "being wet"
creating "cold and wet".
The second day was much warmer and much more fun!
Here are a few pics!

Daniel rows the canoe with me perched in the middle in a lounge chair.

My bad back CANNOT row a boat!

(sorry no pics, I don't trust and of them that close to the water with my Cash)

We rented Kayaks for the boys!

Which, it's no surprise...

they often treated them like bumper boats.
Jedd only eats when he is actually hungry.
So his McDonald's burgers (yes TWO burgers..... that is what boys do once they hit 9.5 yrs old) made it half way through our journey before he was ready to eat it!
I am very sure his hands were not clean at this point.
See the mud?

Then we hit the highlight of the day!
A beautiful spring entering the river!

Hey look! It's me!
Again, very glad you can't smell me in this photo.

Jedd is pretending to go over the edge... which in reality...

is THIS high up!
See him at the top!?


Don't you wish you were there??

It made using the porta*potty all weekend, worth it!


I found a $50 bill in there!!


But I feel compelled to put it in the plate on Sunday!

Even though it came from a porta*potty!


Don't tell the ushers where it came from!



Janet said...

It looks like you guys are having SO MUCH fun this summer! Everything looks SO green in Iowa.

Lindsay said...

You make me smile!! and the $50 bucks ... well, I'm impressed :) and I won't tell :)

Lois Lane II said...

HAHAHAHA!! Love the $50 story! hehe

I was thinking last night about how I'd like to go canoeing in Arkansas...and then I remembered the time I DID go canoeing...and a snake fell from a tree in some girl's boat...and I saw it from a distance...not sure if I'm ready just yet, lol!

ShelliGib said...

I've canoed that river when I went to camp EWALU! It's beautiful. Brings back lots of memories. Nice pictures!

jenni said...

BEAUTIFUL! We will definitely need to check that place out.

TCKK said...

Looks like a great time!!!!

Kaye Butler said...

I can't believe you took CASH canoeing. I would have dropped it first thing.

We canoe Piney Creek up around Russelville, AR. It's too rough to carry a digital, we carry water proof everything cause you tip over at least 500 times before the end.